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The Boil Daddy started with two individuals who shared a passion for food and the desire to spread their unique flavors to the people of Los Angeles. With little to nothing in their pockets, the first The Boil Daddy corporate store was formed in downtown Los Angeles during the peak of the pandemic. The owners, Jun and Joel, knew there was a growing market on the online side of the F&B industry and there wasn't a better time to start an online food business.

In just six months, The Boil Daddy quickly gained traction with its catchy-funny brand name and affordable juicy seafood selection. Fast forward to 2022, The Boil Daddy began to franchise in California and Texas in an effort to become the fastest growing cajun seafood concept.

The Boil Daddy has opened over 12+ locations due to our rising popularity and awards from Forbes and other notable media outlets. The Boil Daddy’s mission is to provide all customers with excellent service whether customers dine in or order from the comfort of their home. We are constantly developing new flavors and can’t wait to share them with YOU! Look for your nearest The Boil Daddy location and come join us for a seafood feast!

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We also specialize in take-out orders so you can experience the fun and the taste of a seafood fest prepared by daddy at wherever you are. So come visit your nearest The Boil Daddy or order online for the best Cajun boil experience.